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Security Vetting

Presto Solutions offer security vetting, company and background checks for companies and clients wishing to do business in Nigeria. This is done via the reputable company INDPSS  ( Independent Protection And Security Services ) a security Company based In Cardiff Wales and with a branch In Lagos Nigeria. Formed in 2011 INDPSS aim to provide the best certified security personnel forindividuals, Organisations, Events, Convoys and much more. 


It is a known fact that there are fraudsters and con artists operating overseas who take advantage of possible investors and detecting them is made harder by the fatc that the legal and government regulations in the country of intent are not known in the Europe or the United States. However having a British company with extensive links, an office and a security network in Nigeria can help overcome this as INDPSS will carry out the necessary checks on any company and produce a report giving a credibility rating and risk for the company.

Do not take the risk while it can be taken by some one else. Please contact us on 07768168916 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   for a quote or more information.